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Writing a welcome reminds me of my childhood Youth Day Sunday services at church. During these services we had to run the service as normal which included a welcome for our visitors to let them know how much we appreciated their coming and to worship with us.

So in the spirit of my youth, I welcome you to my world in the cloud. Sit back relax and stay awhile and I hope you come back often to feed your spirit, enlighten your mind and speak your voice to let me know you were here. There is no denomination of faith or exactness of belief you need to have to share my world…

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K.L deVille, also known as Karen deVille to many, is a motivational speaker, writer, and poet. She has spent the last two decades motivating, cultivating and helping her customers prepare for change in their business life, and along the way helped many do the same in their personal life…

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“Don’t Try, Just Do.”

―K.L. de Ville

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