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Author’s Note…

“Poetry and writing is what I do, and through this, the Agent of Change is who I became.”
-K.L. de Ville

At least once in everyone’s life you will experience a traumatic experience that will have an unforgettable effect on your life. K.L De Ville, aka Karen De Ville, has experienced this several times in her life. So much so that she decided no longer would life dictate her path instead she took control and learned how to understand the seasons of change in her life to flow and navigator through them.

Through one of these unforgettable experiences she discovered her poetic voice and learned that life trauma, drama, and upset comes only to get our attention first, then to teach us how to be more of ourselves. This became her journey to her authentic self. Through her poetry, she displays challenges, struggles, frustrations, love, and desires all to give way to The Poetic Journey to Wisdom and Freedom, her first book of poetry.

This journey is a learning and healing tool for those seeking to transform their lives to their desired dream. It’s encouraging and you can find strength to breathe a breath of fresh air into your day. In this world of such devastation, unrecognized grief and burnout it’s good to know there is one who is here to help others navigate their way through it.

Today, K.L. works with others as the Agent of Change to help them uncover their seasons of change, and equip them with the tools to flow through them, design and define change in their life, and how to open the door to their dreams and goals.

The road ahead is not certain. The only certainty is change. Are you ready for it? If not, look no further. K.L. is here to help you build your personal and professional change management plan.